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The Internet Super Highway

I’m on the Internet information digital super highway and my computer stalls sometimes so I have to pull over to the side of the road and do maintenance and get back on again. I was asking a friend the other day how he thinks my computer can pick up speed and he suggested I throw it out the window and then it will pick up some speed. I am amazed that I am able to surf the internet at all and especially MySpace on this computer because I have a slow computer. It is one of those computers where you can click on a page, go to the kitchen, make dinner and come back to the computer and the page will still be loading. I can use a new computer. A fast computer, or an upgrade from a Chevy to a Corvette. I have been searching on Craigs list for the past few weeks now for a computer $100 or less to no avail. Maybe it is not possible to find a computer for $100 or less. Internet addiction and computers have taken over my life for the moment. I remember twenty years ago, I was at some tech school sitting in a computer class, before computers were invented and everyone was typing and key punching out slots on vanilla cards on some big refrigerator sized machine that was then called a computer or something, and a classmate told me, “Watch out! Computers are coming!, fifteen years from now computers will be everywhere!” And I was wondering, “What the heck is she talking about? I don’t see no computers anywhere.” Well somehow she was a prophet who was able to see into the future. And now I wonder how was it possible to live life without the Internet and email. What was life like before these inventions. Did life really exist? Technology is amazing to me. Now it is the dawn of the Digital Age. The dinosaurs have become extinct and the Cretaceous Period is over.

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