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10 Rules for Responsible Blogging

I like blogging, blogging rocks. I have always had an interest in journalism so it’s great this new web 2.0 social media user generated content format has enabled independent person wanna be journalists like me to write about whatever random thoughts that come to mind. This web 2.0 and blogging has got me going. And again, what is blogging? Is it like a diary or a journal where one can rant, rave, ramble and publish their thoughts away? Or is it a tool for the masses that should be used with responsibility as a reliable source of information? And how has mainstream media dealt with this new phenomenon? Does big media have a big problem? Everything is open source these days. And what better way to share your thoughts than to earn cash for blogging and where advertisers can Buy Reviews. Sponsored Reviews has written another great article about 10 Rules for Responsible Blogging. This article addresses topics such as fact checking and Copyright Laws amongst many other suggestions. Their latest blog article talks about 10 rules a blogger should follow when writing as a blogger in a competitive blogosphere when blogs are now everywhere. And this information is just as helpful as their blog article 27+1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience that they wrote about last week. Sponsored Reviews rules are helpful information and suggestions for bloggers and bloggers should consider passing this information along to their blogger friends. This is great information that every blogger should definitely consider reading. This is a sponsored review. Have a great day.

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One thought on “10 Rules for Responsible Blogging

  1. Hey – Great site. I read about 8 articles and enjoyed them all. Good luck with the payperpost, sponsored reviews and reviewme and for sharing it with your readers. You rock!

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