Mind, Body and Spirit

I need a Guru, Krishna, Buddah, Ghandi, The Dali Lama, a Shaman, some mystical figure, anyone. Is there a full moon today? I need spiritual healing and awareness to destress from the stress of city life in the masses of humanity here in New York. I could use a bunch of yoga classes, some meditation courses, a yoga retreat, a good spa or some other relaxation technique to raise my consciousness; free of course. Maybe I can chant a mantra toward my way to stress free living. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel, a new awakening? Peace of mind is the way to go. Well I can’t afford a membership at the gym and I’ve used up all of my free trial memberships everywhere. I may have to resort to paying twenty dollars now for a Two-Week Trial Membership at New York Sports Club http://www.nysc.com oh well. Todays question of the day: What about that topic in the news today about banning the use of the “N” word? Isn’t that an issue of free speech? A social ethics question? And what does that have to do with the No Police State?



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