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Peace in a No Police State World

Well my friend said to me you can’t just start a blog and not write anything. You have to write something other than I’m starting a blog. You have to write something about your site, about the No Police State. Well todays topic is violence. What’s up with that? What’s up with all the images and references to violence in media and advertising, commercials, film, and television? I don’t get it. Doesn’t glorifying violence reflect on and influence the culture of society? Are there any morals and values in society anymore?. Hey Bloggers, does anyone know how to get this site to do rss feeds? What’s an invalid url address for your blogspot? How do you get that photo from the web to put onto your profile photo? And what the heck is html and how do you get those html codes to go onto your page? Does anyone know how to program this page correctly? Help. All of this reading the blogger help manuals are giving me a headache. Have a great day. Peace on earth.



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